A Loving Home to Help Youths Rise

Amali™, a Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program focused on females ages 11 - 17, provides trauma-informed, culturally relevant, and age and developmentally appropriate residential mental health and enrichment services to its clients.  The individual, family, and group therapies traverse multiple treatment modalities.   

The Amali™ model combines therapeutic services with unique enrichment and educational initiatives in residential facilities akin to nurturing family home environments.  Our proprietary initiatives help transition clients into adulthood with improved life skills in arts and crafts, cleaning and cooking, confidence building and empowerment, educational and vocational planning, household and financial management, sewing, resilience, and wellness (nutritional, physical activity, and self-care) practices.  Amali™ provides 20 hours of private weekly tutoring sessions by accredited California teachers focused in advancing our clients’ educational progress.

Amali™ correlates group excursions and activities with educational opportunities spanning multiple areas including training in advocacy and justice, compassion and empathy, equality and fairness, travel opportunities, and writing, among others.

Amali™ provides unparalleled services to seamlessly transition youth from Amali™ facilities to their families, foster homes, or even independent living arrangements.